PHOTO GEAR by KRISS on 26 october 2015

MEFOTO ROADTRIP TRIPOD SUCKS BIG TIME So maybe I am an alien out there because if I judge by all the positive reviews this little tripod Mefoto Roadtrip gets, this is the rare jewel out there.
And of course, when I was looking for a compact tripod to go backpacking south America I read many and many reviews before choosing one.

Guess what ? I shouldn’t have after all !

I used to own a standard Manfrotto tripod with a rotule ball and a quick plate and boy I was more than happy with that but it was to big and to heavy for me to take on a trip.

But my first instincts were to look for smaller versions of my Manfrotto with compatible rotules and why couldn’t I just get the Manfrotto Befree in the first place !

I am so mad at myself.

I had to shop around and read so many wonderful articles about this Mefoto that could hold 8kg, perfect for my D4s with any of my heavy lenses.
I was wrong.

Let’s start with how unpractical this tripod is.

The fast plate :

Guys why did you call that fast, and who are you kidding, the plate needs an allen key to screw it on the camera.
You are selling a product which targets, nomads, people who travel light and want little hassle and you can’t even put a buckle on the fast plate so that one can screw it with their hands.
That was the first regret straight out of the box.

The positioning of the legs.

So there are 2 positions but guess what, while holding other gear in your hands which is always when I have to open a tripod, you have to put each leg at exactly the right angle to pull a little metallic piece that will then make the opening you’ve chosen.
You cannot do it with one hand or even while holding the tripod in thin air.
It is a hassle, the Manfrotto system is one thousand times better !

The opening of the legs.

Personally I hate this screwing, unscrewing system because you never know if the legs are secured or not.
My kids use my gear a lot and with that tripod they just can’t figure it out and they let cameras fall already because the legs were kind of secured, oh wait no finally forgot to screw that one.
Again, Manfrotto system is a thousand times better.

The rotule ball and fast cliping

Well this is not a fast clipping, you have to unscrew and screw back the plate on the rotule ball.
Which means that you are handling your heavy camera in one hand right at the correct place and then with the other hand you screw back.
This is so ridiculous, so much hassle, again and again, Manfrotto system is so far better.

So, I am screwed more or less, I thought I would get used to this tripod and this is simply not happening because it’s not a good piece of equipment and I’m leaving Europe in a couple of weeks and I have to sell it back to buy a Manfrotto very very fast.

I am very upset.

But I am even more upset at all the reviews and reviewers who wrote the apology of this filthy piece of shit ! Why simply why do you do that ?




Yuriy on 2016-10-06
OK, thanks! :)

Yuriy on 2016-09-08
Hello! Sorry for digging this old post out, but have you bought a Manfrotto Befree? Is it really better, in your opinion?

Kriss on 2016-09-08
Hello Yurly, no problem for digging an old post out ! I haven't actually because I never managed to sell the MeFoto in the first place and then used it in difficult conditions (salt water mostly). I like Manfrotto's tripods better because of the clips and their plate. Then I have to admit I used that one as a monopod a few times but still I'd rather get the Befree ! Now in all objectivity, if I had to invest in a small tripod I'd definitely go for the aluminium Joby that can hold up to 4 kg !

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