LIFESTYLE by KRISS on 24 november 2015

STARTING BACK TOGETHER At some point in your life, if you are traditional and french perhaps around 40 years old (yeah midlife crisis in french is called the 40 something crisis because the french live 80 years old…), some may experience what is referred to by specialists and psychology magazines as midlife crisis.
What a fancy word for a wealthy westerner fuss some may think.
Yes, maybe we have the luxury to indulge ourselves in the unpleasant tremors of such crisis because we have it all.
When poorer countries only struggle to put food in their plates, the relation to one’s life’s aspirations, needs, desires, is different.
Or maybe we all are the same around the world and fuss at some point or another.

What is dramatic in our western societies is that we make money with everything, everything trendy even the bad trends.
Divorce, midlife crisis, cheating, hurting, name it, you will find lots and lots of press articles indulging yourself in what you know deep inside feels not right.
And in the right environment, it may even work well enough to relieve you from any clear vision, any guilt, any shame, any self preservation, any sense of anything except an exacerbated sense of fantasy.

The lives most of us live in western societies nowadays, let’s take only Europe for instance are extremely stressful.
Right now, as I am writing these words, most of the people living in Europe have to deal with :

- stress at work or stress from unemployment.
- a major terrorist threat that tragically feels like it’s just begun. - mortages, loans, economic difficulties and a sense of being stuck. - competition and keeping up appearances.

I am pointing out just a few of the carcans everyone carries around but you may add, close to no spiritual dimension, little to no exercise, poor health, bad eating habits, bad habits, alcoholism, porn and Facebook addiction etc…

My dear reader, be honest and are you being depicted in this rather sad scheme ?

A lot of our population is and it’s easy to pray on them.
I believe medias do to some extent, perhaps even not fully conscious of the disaster they create.

Anyways, while confronted to all that crap around you, it is very easy to loose oneself, forget to dream or give up on your dreams, become cynic or bitter, age before it’s time for that and when your kids start growing up, that you have more time on your hands to do nothing but spend hours on your social medias, the famous midlife crisis can hit you hard and break everything around you.

Most of the time, it will bring so many wrong questions about oneself and so much sense of lack of time, lack of judgment, YOLO, nothing really matters and so on and so forth that you might start believing you actually are on your own.
If you are, well find your way, but if you aren’t the ones around you might start loosing you for good.

At that point in one’s life, proper communication is certainly lost and has been for quite a while, you have resentment for your life partner perhaps for the right reasons and maybe you feel resentment towards yourself too.
Everything seems to happen in a mechanical way and the solutions you find to get some relief actually burry you a little deeper.

Where do you start ? Where do you begin ? Who were you when everything started, what is the core of your foundation, of your family, where is your soul, your true self, where is your spirit, where is your heart ?

Sometimes asking yourself the right questions and not being afraid to realize how wrong you are doing the things you thought right is a good start to finding a solution.
Most of the time, taking drastic measures to change a life that does not fit is.

But in this process, try to get the communication working back to the basics because you might well find that you still aspire to face and climb mountains with your loved ones, with your husband and wife, your kids, your family, with an energy that nothing can replace and feeling of relief when things finally feel right.



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