LIFESTYLE by KRISS on 11 november 2015

OUR NOMADIC LIFE Today is the very last day of our being in Spain and in Europe for now.
We are leaving our rental house tomorrow and jumping on a plane to Costa Rica.
From then on, our belongings are either with us or packed in boxes in a small storage.
We have officially no more official home, only a post address and this is the second time this is happening.
We were in the exact same spot a few months ago when we sold our house and moved out.

One big difference though is at the time we had more than 15m3 of things following us and even if it seemed then we had narrowed it down to the bare minimum, it was lots and lots of unnecessary stuff and we sold most or gave away.

We still have lots of things we would like to shrink but basically we have our tools to work and our photo albums, kids drawings and things we like to remember, a guitar, a few objects but not much.

This is what I define as a nomadic life.

For you guys who haven’t checked the page about us, we are a family of 5, a mum, a dad and three children ranging from almost 7 to 13 (they will feel so grown up I have written that lol - just do a minus 1 to get the correct figure).

We have made this choice of life, it was not forced on us.
We once had it all, well not quite but we used to fit in the mould, we owned a house or rather an expensive mortgage, I had a fascinating well paid job that had stopped fascinating me.
I used to feel mostly the followings :

- frustrated.
- enslaved.
- ashamed of my feelings.
- guilty.
- deviant from my own vision.
- angry.

We decided to give up this life when we were lucky enough to realize how far apart this was tearing our family and our true selves.
We fully understood life would never be the same as we once had it and that there would be some hardships, however, nonetheless, we decided to choose this patch because it felt right and because we fell good.

Today, I can say I feel many things but none of the feelings above, I feel:

- free.
- curious.
- confident.
- proud.
- in love.
- protective.
- happy.
- warm.
- relieved.

Yes I can add a tad bit anxious to the list because it does happen too but actually it is overwhelmed by the confidence most of the time and I have good grips on it and it’s what matters.

So if I had to explain what it’s all about to me, to us, I think it is a mix of all those feelings I described above.
A need for wanderlust as well, the fancy trendy word that might get this post in google’s good graces.
For those of you who wonder what it means, I think it simply means being curious to explore the world but feel free to correct me ! Mostly and above all, it is the realization that in order to accomplish ourselves on a family level, on a personal level, on a spiritual level, we have to blossom and be strong and find that strength and energy through adventures and certainly not through the hardship of comfortable modern western lifestyle.

We love the sun, we love the sea, we aimed for both and gave up what we had to give up to make our some of our dreams accessible and keep dreaming simpler but bigger !

Also, in consideration of our relation to work, things have changed tremendously.
What once was only a burden is becoming a simple part of our way of life as it should be I think.
We spend more time spontaneously and genuinely shooting things, people, landscapes than we ever had, in a non-controlled environment, not even by ourselves.
The outcome has stopped being the only issue and preoccupation.
We have to earn a living but we have also learned that you can adapt to your earnings, to your way of life and that work can be rewarding in more than one ways when you enjoy yourself and actually offer people something.
Be it hope, a service, a smile, knowledge, laughter.

As a reflexion to ourselves yesterday we realized how this past year has been kind on us and rewarding and how full of happy moments it was.
That was an immensely great awakening and awareness, a true self achievement.
We are thankful for all this sharing and enjoyment, may life offer us to evolve into the better selves we aspire to become.



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