If you have landed on this page, you must be showing some interest in my profile and first of all I want to thank you for this.

I have decided to showcase my talents and skills on this personal page rather than a more conventional LinkedIn account because I value my privacy and I am not necessarily looking to create a professional network.
The purpose of my resume is to show to selected people to whom I have given access to this page what I can offer them and why.

With sincere hope that we can mutually benefit from each other and with no further introduction, here is all relevant information as regards to my professional life.


I am Kriss, a 37 year old native bilingual french and english with a unique professional curriculum.

• 1997 : I dropped out of school before taking my A levels and started working in low level customer service.
• 1998 : Life showed me the way back to school and I passed my grades (all As) to enter university.
• 2000 : I started a course of Languages and Semantics at the University of Edinburgh.
• 2001 : I moved to a Marine and Environmental Biology course while working at a bilingual customer service for mobile phones.
• 2005 : I am offered a unique challenge to take charge of a small company in the perfumery industry.
• 2013 : My mission finished, the company had risen from 250K€/y to 1.5M€/y after 2 years and I consolidated that result over 6 more years.
• 2014 : Before reaching complete exhaustion I decided to start traveling and engaged in an artistic activity, photography.
• 2015 : I started a blog about photography, travels and unconventional family lifestyle.
• 2017 : My travels had changed my vision and I took on a new life challenge, refitting a sailboat to make a home.
• 2018 : I decided to reconnect with my first professional aspirations and freelanced myself as a translator and writer.


Perfumery industry

In 2005 I joined a family run (not mine) company specialised in natural extracts for the perfumery industry.

One of my first mission was to design, develop and deploy a tool that could manage all aspects of the activity: production management, schedules and maintenance, storage, labelling, safety data sheets, sales management, ratios, forecasts… the tool went as far as producing usable accountancy lines.

Although it was an ongoing project that took about 5 years to complete, I had less than a year (before next major harvesting season) to build a tool that would allow the company to keep running.

• I developed a web interface tool using PHP and MySql which I had started to learn as a hobby.
• I added 20 b2b clients to the portfolio and stabilised the yearly gross from 250K€ to 1.5M€.
• I also helped the company keep up with constantly shifting regulations.
• I left after 8 years when I felt the owners confident enough to run their business alone.


Photography has always been a way to escape from my routine. When I left my previous employment I decided to embrace my artistic aspirations and engaged in my passion.

I had a very prolific period during which I created fine art pieces, some of which I even had on display in art galleries and sold a few.

Eager to explore all my options I accepted to cover a first wedding for a couple who had purchased one of my artworks. This led to a new career which my wife was happy to join and we still occasionally cover weddings.

However, market trends changing very quickly in this industry and my artistic needs being somewhere else I decided to experiment with underwater photography and reporting if only for my personal accomplishment.

As most photographers, I have been using Photoshop and Lightroom on a daily basis for years and have become fully proficient in terms of photo editing (skin tones, stains removal, features enhancement, complex layering etc...)

Travels & Blogging

In 2014 I started to travel with my family with no other purpose than to open my horizons and discover myself.

It was a revelation for all of us and I decided to open a blog. I saw this as a good way to keep up with my coding skills (php/mysql/html/css), photography and writing. This very website "thenomadphotographers" was born.

Our travels had gotten us to explore many countries, from central America to south east Asia, I had learned a new language, Spanish, but something was missing.

The wanderlust was bigger and it finally took the form of a sailboat in 2017. Since then I have entered another world that has taught me in a year what I would have thought impossible to learn in a decade.

Adapting this new lifestyle to the needs of my family, we are taking baby steps for now and it has been the opportunity to reconnect with my first skills and passion : languages !


business strategy  business management  management tools  sales development  manufacturing processes  b2b  safety data sheets  perfumery raw materials  natural extracts  GHS labelling  PHP  MySQL  HTML5  CSS3  JavaScript  W3C best practices  php applications  adaptative web design  english to french  blog writing  proofreading  french grammar  french to english  transcription  voice over  french tuition  sub-titling  fine art photography  wedding photography  travel photography  underwater photography  expert photo editing  photoshop  photoshop scripting  lighroom  Adobe Premiere  advanced video editing  Youtube  consciencious  meticulous  keen  fast learner  respectful  kind 


This is a non exhaustive list of all my other non-professional significant experiences.

• I passed my Yachtmaster
• I can cook sushis
• I completely refitted a 19th century village house in France
• I am still refitting my sailboat
• I am a natural parrot and can impersonate many french and english accents
• I have extensive knowledge of Cuban cigars
• I have read all the Classic Pinguins
• I know the lyrics of about any song I have ever listened to a few times
• I speak Spanish (conversational)
• I run a Youtube channel
• I practised Aïkido for many years

I must be forgetting a few things but my resume gives you a pretty good idea of who I am, my professional achievements and the skills I can bring to your project.

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