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As always with photography sessions happening outdoors, we are entirely dependant on weather conditions.

This applies to yet a greater level when it comes to planning an underwater session in the sea because more elements have to be taken into account : currents, waves, presence of absence of jellyfish, etc...

The best possible conditions to organise an underwater photo session in the sea is when the weather is very calm with no swell, a bright sunshine and little plancton. Morning sessions are usually better than afternoon ones in terms of quality of the water.

Having all the perfect conditions happens more often than you think but it's not always the case in Nerja. There are yearly patterns of swell, tides and currents and it's quite difficult to anticipate anything. We can always plan and check on the day if weather conditions allow for your photoshoot.

As you may notice on the sample photographs, sharpness and dynamic range are affected a lot by the quality of the water. Although we work with state of the art equipment, a real professional DSLR, professional lenses and a water housing, there is no use trying to get anything worthwile if the conditions are not there !

Sessions start as little as 50€ for half an hour when grouped with other sessions. However our regular rate is 100€ for a whole hour which usually yields from 5 to 20 good photographs.

Everything depends on you at that point, your level of confidence and comfort underwater and your experience.

For safety reasons I always have at least an assistant to help me during underwater sessions for the experience to be just perfect !