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Covering a wedding is not all about pressing a button at the right time as one could believe. During an average wedding day, we start by covering the bride's and bridesmaids' preparation, sometimes the groom's and grommsmen as well. We go about your wedding depending on the light of the day, always by your side but never in your space. We also look for the best possible places that will help us create stunning couple pictures. We shoot you as we would do model prictures.

We cover the day as it is happening, including your friends and family waiting and all those moments you are not there to see. Wether a formal ceremony (or ceremonies) or a casual one, we do our reporter's work in the most discreet and respectful manner. Being two individuals allow us to cover lots of angles while limiting the moving around.

Couple and family photographs are discussed before your day to ensure them happening in a smooth and agreable way.

We can offer a photobooth service, where your guests can have fun and give you a very original guestbook with funny pictures, using props and accessories. The photobooth presents itself as a professional studio. Depending on your package, we stay the whole evening, and cover the cake and the first dances.

We shoot wedding with high grade professionnal equipment and mostly use prime lenses. We choose these camera systems because they are reliable. However, at the end of the day, we are taking the photographs, the cameras aren't.

Post work operations happen in our studio where we carefully select your photos, enhance them through specialised software for RAW images. We deliver you a DVD with all your photos in high definition JPEG format. We also send your albums in a compressed format that allows internet exchanges via dropbox or any othe large files sharing system of your convenience.
Afterwards, you can choose to realise an album that contains the pictures of your choice on a wide range of formats, number of views and finish.