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Choose your wedding photographer(s) carefully with full knowledge of their previous work. Do not wait until the last minute to start looking, since most photographers will be booked at least a year in advance on high season saturdays.

Judge the quality of the work you are being offered and the competency of your photographer(s) wisely as it is a once in a lifetime moment. Wedding photography is a very competitive market and you will not be able to properly evaluate an offer solely based on the number of photographs promised, the local proximity or deceptively cheap rates. Be aware that you will have plenty of choice nonetheless we do encourage you to meet the individuals who will shoot your wedding beforehand. A good mutual feeling with trust and communication will warrant the work involved that will reflects your expectations.

Calling upon professional photographers will give you the security of high end results that in NO WAY compares to what an amateur or enthusiast photographer would provide. Not only will a professional use real professional equipment but they will also bring their "savoir faire". They will be able to cover your wedding in any circumstances (too much or too little light, rain, snow) As a registered business, professional photographers will have insurance policies and guarantees that only a professional can offer.

As an obvious consequence, the price of such a work is more costly than getting a friend or a "semi-pro" to cover your wedding. However results will also not be the same ! Keep in mind that you will have your photographs for a lifetime, images of your most precious memories, for you, your relatives and the generations to come. It is often advisable to set aside a bigger budget and offer yourselves the services of professionnals that will bring you complete satisfaction. Meeting your photographers and their work remains the best way to decide what to do and whom to choose !

Choosing a wedding photographer can be overwhelming but it eventually comes down to selecting someone who can take great photos and that you are comfortable to work with.